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TDCbitworks Goes BETA!

Welcome to the new look

Hello, My name is Anthony Cregan, I am a web developer based in Manchester,UK. This is my new look Bloggy website. Thanks for visiting! You probably wont find much by way of articles here at the moment, the past few months have been spent doing a lot of development work on this site and very little content creation. So, until I've written a few posts you wont find much to do, soz about that. 

That (ahem) minor issue aside, this is is very much a launchable site now, although there are bugs to iron out, it is functional, so I've decided to put it live to allow me populate it with the posts it was made for. Ive built a rather snazzy CMS with which to manage the content of this site, more of which I intend to post about in the near future. 

In the past, this domain has been used as my sandbox for testing some my web designs on, but I decided to make this my permanent blog site going forward. I intend to update this site regularly with articles on all the things that interest me in the hope that you find this site informative, useful, interesting and if you think it looks good too then, well thats just lovely! 

Have a look around and if you have any feedback, my contact details are in the footer. Thanks!

Anthony Cregan.


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